Welcome to OWCEA

Oklahoma Workers Compensation Education Association

Our Mission

To promote Workers’ Compensation best practices and help recruit and educate the next generation of Workers’ Compensation professionals.

To advocate for the workers’ compensation self-insurance industry in Oklahoma, especially for those employers looking for representation in the regulatory process.


Who We Are

Advocacy Program

We are an advocacy resources for self-insured entities and their providers at the state level on issues affecting workers’ compensation.

Any regulation proposed by the Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Commission (the agency that regulates self-insurers in Oklahoma), will be thoroughly examined and vetted by the OWCEA board. The Board contains past regulatory leaders and current self-insurance experts, including several large, self-insured employers.

Education Resource

We provide In-Person training opportunities on all aspects of basic workers’ compensation education, no matter your experience levels in the industry (beginners are welcome!).

Topics includes basic safety & loss prevention, claims handling, return to work strategies, litigation strategies, best practices for initial medical care, and many other topics.

OWCEA Certification Program

We are developing a program for active workers’ compensation professionals, or those seeking to join the industry, which will serve as acknowledgement of a well-rounded workers’ compensation education.  This will be invaluable to those just joining the industry, or those looking to sharpen their skills.

Jennifer Milligan, President

Message from the President

The Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Education Association (OWCEA) is the successor to the Oklahoma Self-Insurers Association (OSIA).  

We look forward to our new mission of providing access to workers’ compensation experts, in-person educational opportunities, the creation of a new Workers’ Compensation Certificate program,  meet & greets with our excellent provider members, and hopefully some good old-fashioned fun and fellowship with our industry colleagues.  

The OWCEA will maintain an active advocacy role for self-insurers at the Workers’ Compensation Commission, as most Board members are veterans of the self-insurance industry and have a combined experience of over 100 years in the field.  

As President, I look forward to hearing from all members, new and existing, about topics that might be of benefit for the industry.

Jennifer Milligan, President of the Board

Membership Benefits

Our membership is open to all corporations, vendors, and individuals in Oklahoma who have a desire to learn more about workers’ compensation and to network with industry leaders.

Our membership historically served self-insured employers and groups who are looking for advocacy and assistance in regulatory matters and will continue to do so.

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